Js Ban Young Buck, G-Unit Rapper Tells His Side

ImageWhile over 200 DJs connected on Thursday night's (November 30) Core DJ conference call to form a unified response to a recent exchange between Young Buck and Atlanta's DJ Will, Buck appeared live on Nashville radio to appeal for a resolution.

Hot 107.9 and other Atlanta Radio One stations removed Young Buck from their rotations following an incident Sunday (November 26), when Buck challenged Hot 107.9 and BME's DJ Will for playing The Game's "It's Okay (One Blood)" at Club Nocturnal, where Buck was scheduled to perform. Immediately after reports of the incident hit the media, DJs across the country showed allegiance to their fellow Will, prompting Core DJs founder Tony Neal to schedule the conference call.

213 callers tuned in to the bridge conference to talk about the controversial situation last night. The call, which lasted nearly three and a half hours, included such DJs as Tony Neal, DJ Kay Slay, DJ Clue, DJ Finesse, DJ Impact, DJ Mars, DJ Kaye Dunaway and Interscope's Adam Favors, among many others.

While Favors reminded his the Core DJs that Interscope and Radio One -- along with parties associated with DJ Will -- are already in the process of hammering out a resolution, a number of DJs felt that, until a resolution is reached, Buck's records should not be played out of respect to Will.

"It could have happened to any of us," a number of smaller market DJs reminded the group throughout the call.

The call also demonstrated that many of the DJs' frustrations extends beyond the Young Buck/DJ Will incident; as the overabundance of beef in the hip-hop industry has created ongoing tension for DJs who find it precarious balancing artist's conflicts with their own autonomy. More than one caller spoke to the need to send a clear message to artists and record labels, while others made pointed remarks about the low standards in hip-hop today.

"There's no repercussions for artists," one DJ complained; while another added, "We gotta do today what we can do to prevent any more negative shit in hip-hop. We're already on the line now. DJ's are the only thing keeping this balanced because the artists are out of control."

A formal decision on the part of Core was not made during the call, however several DJs were clear that they would not be playing Buck's records until they hear of a resolution for DJ Will. Some callers pledged to remove Young Buck from their playlists for 60 days, while others were keen on avoiding playing G-Unit and/or Interscope records entirely.

As the call was being conducted, Young Buck appeared on Nashville's 101.1 The Beat Jamz's "Dolewite and Scooby Show" to give his version of the incident [here the full interview here]. According to Buck, he was onstage preparing to perform accompanied by his own DJ, Don Juan, when DJ Will dropped The Game single.

Contrary to previous reports, Buck alleges he did not take offense to "One Blood" being played, but he asked DJ Will if he was trying to be disrespectful, and if so to drop the song again, which DJ Will did. At that point the crowd at Club Nocturnal grew incensed and after a failed attempt to perform "Money In The Bank," Buck approached the DJ booth.

Buck admitted that, feeling threatened, he grabbed DJ Will by his shirt, but when the DJ attempted to explain the miscommunication Apparently, Will could not hear what Buck said from the stage and someone near the booth tapped Will to say Buck wanted him to repeat the Game single. Buck let him go and left the club with his entourage. According to Buck, at that point clubgoers from Atlanta who were not associated with Young Buck attacked DJ Will.

Buck expressed sincere concern over the current situation, acknowledging that an ongoing problem with a radio DJ like Will could cause serious problems for his career,

"I'm a grown man so I'm trying to figure out how to resolve this, I have an album to drop in two to three months [Listen]," Buck said. "Core DJs could cause a chain reaction to other DJs not playing my record."

While at the radio station, Young Buck attempted reach out to Lil Jon, whose BME Recordings also employs DJ Will, but was forced to leave a voicemail for the Atlanta rapper.

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