Game & Rampage Jackson Have More Words Over "A-Team" Movie Role

Both MMA fighter Rampage Jackson and rapper Game auditioned for the role of B.A. Baracus in the film adaptation of A-Team.

As viewers already know, Jackson won the role. While the two high-profile men were seen together at the film's Hollywood premiere, the two have since begun a verbal exchange in interviews and over Twitter since.

"When he had that UFC fight against Rashad Evans and he lost, I felt like that was me [winning]. 'Don't you know nigga? I play [B.A. Baracus] better than you! I pity the fool!' I went in there [the audition] and I killed the Mr. T role on my screen test," Game said.

Following Game's thoughts on the Rashad Evans fight, Rampage said in a video interview that he felt personally disrespected by the Aftermath rapper. "If the Game would've got the role of B.A. Baracus, I would've never watched The A-Team," said Rampage. "I don't care if it turned into a great big franchise and they made a bunch of sequels, I would've been like 'Oh man, they got The Game? Homeboy was on the Change of Heart dating show and his chick had a change of heart. She went with another dude. [Game] sitting there with blonde hair and he all gangsta talking about he from Compton. I'm from Memphis, and Memphis is real!"

The fighter said he would be glad to challenge Game at acting, rapping and wrestling separately.