Lugz Gives Apple and Eminem The Boot

 U.S. footwear manufacturer Lugz has sent a cease and desist letter ordering Apple to pull its new Eminem-featured iPod commercial.

According to Lugz, the new ad-which features a shadowed figure dancing to Em's "Lose Yourself" in front of colorful backdrops-has been found to be remarkably similar to a commercial of theirs which aired back in 2002.

"If you look at these spots, common sense would tell you that there's a problem here," said Lugz executive vice president Larry Schwartz via a statement. "The Apple commercial uses the most powerful elements of our campaign, making the ads disturbingly similar."

Late last week, Apple did remove the commercial from its company website. However, there is no word at press time as to whether or not the spots will be taken off the air.

In related news, Eminem's publishing companies filed a lawsuit, back in October, asking to stop the unauthorized use of his songs being used as mobile phone ring-tones. His legal team is also taking action against karaoke companies that continue to sell his tracks without official licenses.

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