Foxy Brown In Massive Brawl

Foxy Brown was involved in a “massive brawl” at the lobby of a New York City apartment building, reports say.

Foxy was visiting somebody at a luxury penthouse on 43rd street and there, a fight exploded in the lobby, TMZ reports.

Foxy was throwing blows in the fracas with several other people, but no reason for the melee has been determined.

One source said that Foxy was fighting with her own manager.

Another source said that the brawl took place in the apartment building of producer Sean Gill, where Foxy Brown is working on her album.

Just last week, Foxy was arrested and charged with felonies associated with violating an order of protection.

She has been charged with public lewdness, harassment, and criminal contempt in that case for being involved in a fracas with longtime rival, Arlene Raymond.

She has denied that she displayed her buttocks to a neighbor.