Devin The Dude, Lil Duval Starring in Movie 'Hillbilly Highway'

Houston, Texas rap star Devin the Dude and Jacksonville, Florida, comedian Lil Duval will play the lead characters in a new film titled Hillbilly Highway.

The movie, which is being produced by Eddie Griffin, is currently wrapping up filming in Atlanta, according to director, Damon “Coke” Daniels.

Hillbilly Highway follows the antics of two marijuana-loving brothers, Earl and Ray Ray.

The pair embark on a journey in search of a mythical highway in Kentucky, which they believe leads to “marijuana nirvana.”

On their quest, they end up in the middle of a feud between the “Gatfields” and “McCroys,” based off the legendary feud between real-life families, the Hatfield and the McCoys.

When they defend “Paw Gatsfield’s” only daughter, the pair are granted entrance into the Gatsfield’s mountain stronghold.

When Paw discovers that Earl and Ray Ray plan to run away with his valuable “crop,” a horde of hillbillies chase the pair out of Kentucky.

"Hillbilly Highway is really going to take people by surprise,” Eddie Griffin promised.  "We have a fantastic team and working with Damon "Coke" Daniels has been a great experience. I can’t wait for the camera to stop rolling so I can see the finished product."

Hillbilly Highway will also feature appearances by Tiny Lister. Jr, Erik Estrada, Gary Owen, Tommy Ford, Keith David and others.

“I’m building an urban comedy brand similar to what Tyler Perry did, but much more raw and edgy,” said Damon “Coke” Daniels, who created, wrote and directed Hillbilly Highway.