Game Enlists Lil Wayne, Mary J. Blige For Brake Lights Mixtape

The Game says he's about to put out music to make his rivals pump their brakes.

He has a new mixtape, hosted by DJ Skee and produced entirely by Cool & Dre, ready to drop at the beginning of August called Brake Lights.

"We did this Drake record called 'Good Girl, Bad Girl' in L.A. during the BET [Awards] for The R.E.D. Album," Dre of Cool & Dre told us earlier this week of how the mixtape was conceived. "That record feels like an authentic Game record, something off The Documentary. It has that soul music. Him and Drake made a classic record. It feels like something the DJs would drop the needle on. What Game wanted to do was take the energy from that session and continue it.

"The R.E.D. Album is wrapped up," Dre continued of the August 24 album. "Sh-- sounds good. Pharrell gave him some heat, [DJ] Khalil gave him some heat, Dr. Dre gave him some heat. So what he's trying to do is 'Let's kill the streets with a mixtape before the album.' And he asked me and Cool to produce it for him. I always get on him, like, 'Yo, Game. One of these albums, man. Our track record is kinda all right. You should give us an opportunity to really go in with you, do the majority of your album.' "

"Every time, they'll be like, 'We ain't never did a whole mixtape with you,' " Game explained Wednesday night from his tour bus. "They said, 'We know Skee is gonna host it.' They was like, 'Let us supply all the tracks.' They started sending me tracks. Three one day, four the next day. I was bodying them joints back to back to back."

In just three days, Game had recorded 10 songs over the Miami duo's beats. Everyone loved all the cuts.

"Me and Cool will play a beat, and he'll turn that beat into an incredible song," Dre applauded. "We sent Game a CD with 15 joints. For three days he spazzed out. He sent back 10 to Cool, and Cool started mixing them."

"Mixtapes, you don't mix them joints," Game said. "You just throw them out. But Cool wanted to mix them joints, make sure all the vocals and the beats was right, well blended. We dropped the 'M.I.A' joint – the LeBron, D. Wade and Chris Bosh joint – on the Internet. The people went nuts. It was the first song talking about that. A shot in the dark I threw out there for the people, man. We buzzin'."

Game also revealed that one of his favorite records from Brake Lights is the title track, and he put a few guests in the mix as well. "I did a few collaborations," the Compton MC said. "I got something I did with [Lil] Wayne before he left. I got something with Baby. Always gotta have them a part of anything red. Them my dudes. Waka Flocka came through to jump on the mixtape hook. I got some stuff, man."

Dre is partial to a song Game has with Busta. "He's got a record with Busta Rhymes called 'Shot Down in Cold Blood,' " Dre described. "The beat is a beat we originally did for Kanye, for his new album. It's got a vibe, man. Through the whole song, Busta says, 'Shot down in cold blood.' Every two bars he says, 'Shot down in cold blood.' Busta does it in a Jamaican patois voice. Game just spits a bunch of sh--, which makes the 'shot down in cold blood' make sense. He has a feature on there I can't say.

"There's a record called 'People' that has Mary J. Blige on it," he continued. "That's soulful. It's a lot of soul-sample beats, which we're known for, on the mixtape. There's a lot of gangsta sh-- on there. Some 'Big Dreams,' 'Hate It or Love It' type sh-- is on there. You're getting a free Game album to get you ready for this R.E.D. Album."

Game says he wants to shoot a couple of videos for the mixtape when he gets off tour.