Ice-T Criticizes Cop For Arrest During Heated Exchange

Gangster rap pioneer Ice-T took to Twitter to address his brief detainment in New York this morning for driving with a suspended license and not wearing a seatbelt.

The rapper, who was released shortly after his arrest this morning, blasted the officer who detained him and posted police officer’s badge number.

“Some punk b***h rookie cop named Fisher #10026 made the arrest of his bulls**t career today, arresting the Notorious Ice T for no seatbelt,” Ice-T Tweeted.

According to Ice-T, there was a heated exchange between himself and the officer , who immediately recognized him.

“I know who you are and I don't give a f**k,” Ice-T tweeted. “That was right after I called him a punk b***h. Then they questioned me about FLTG.”

Ice-T also chastised media outlets for reporting on his arrest and making it national news, for what considered a petty infraction.

“The fact that it made national news in 10 min. Raises the question... How petty is our news today? What about the War and the Gulf?”

Ice-T also denied reports that his license is suspended.