Big Boi: Khujo of Goodie Mob To Be Freed From Jail

The details are vague, but Khujo Goodie of The Goodie Mob has seemingly managed to beat a jail term after he was about to serve two years.

Big Boi of Outkast, who is also closely affiliated with Khujo, made an announcement on Twitter.

“Message: Khujo Goodie Will be FREE Today thanks to Daniel Cane, the D.F. And Jesus,” Big Boi said. “GIVE THANKS! We just got khujo out of jail. They can't stop what GOD HAS planned. MIGHTY DF. The FOUR HORSEMEN RIDE AGAIN.”

The details of the looming incarceration have been scant, but last week other members of the Atlanta Dungeon Family revealed that Khujo was in legal trouble.

"I wanna send out nothing but love to my folk Khujo," said Big Rube, poet of the Dungeon Family. "He didn't deserve no damn 2 years. To Khujo the realest G I've ever met."

The legal infraction has yet to be divulged by any party. Photo courtesy of Big Boi: