Rowdy Diddy Pool Party Forces AC Casino To Shut Down

A rowdy crowd in Atlantic City, New Jersey, forced Harrah’s Resort to close surrounding nightclubs and cancel temporarily halt a pool party featuring Sean “Diddy” Combs, Floyd Mayweather and a number of other  celebrities.

Over 1,800 people were forced out of the July 4th pool party shortly after midnight, when another 500 people attempted to force their way into Harrah’s venue, The Pool.

The party was so crowded that Combs, who was hosting the party, could not even enter the venue and was forced to leave without entering around 1:00 AM.

Harrah’s closed down all of their bars operating in the area to avoid any more problems with the crowd.

One man was arrested for fighting with police officers during the melee.

The following day, Harrah’s canceled a show that was scheduled to feature more than a dozen DJ’s, to avoid any more incidents.