Rappers Game, Drake Team For Song 'Good Girl, Bad Girl'

Compton, Hip-Hop star Game took advantage of an album delay to add some superstar fire power to his upcoming release The R.E.D. Album.

The R.E.D. Album, which was originally due in stores on June 15th, has been pushed back to August 24th.

Last Wednesday (June 23rd), Game was in Encore Studios in Burbank, California, where he linked with Cool & Dre, who produced three tracks on The R.E.D. Album.

In the studio with Game was chart-topping rapper Drake, who laid down a verse for the song “Good Girl, Bad Girl” and Queen Latifah, who was there to witness the session.

Drake is a breath of fresh air for everybody, he’s cool, clean and he aint got no drama or beef,” Game said. “The chicks love him, the n***as support him.”

Drake’s latest album received a lot of support, moving over 446,000 copies during the first week of its release, on June 15th.

Prior to the album’s release, Interscope changed the June 15th release date of Thank Me Later and Game accurately predicted Drake’s success.

“Me, I am just trying to feed my family and remain potent in Hip-Hop,” Game said. “I know the caliber emcee that I am and I know for a fact I am needed in Hip-Hop. I am one of the few cats left that really cares about the essence of Hip-Hop. I can’t disrespect the colorful Hip-Hop or the “drake” era, so I have to blend into what Hip-Hop has elevated to, but I have to stay true to my roots. It’s longevity with me. I have a whole new motivation. I love music and I love where its going.”

The R.E.D. Album is due in stores August 24th.