Peedi Crakk Takes Shots at Juelz Santana, "Jim Jones Can Get Some of This Too"

 With his "Number 1" diss song making the rounds, SOHH recently chopped it up with Roc-A Fella artist Peedi Crakk to discuss his beef with Juelz Santana, Jim Jones and the rest of the Dipset.

On the track, Crakk repeatedly ridicules Santana over the instrumental to Nas' "Where Y'all At." According to Peedi, the song was inspired by an incident during the October release party for Diddy's Press Play album.

"I seen him at the Puff Daddy album release party at the black carpet affair," Peedi said. "When I seen him he didn't greet me, he kinda brushed me off. That was unusual and I didn't appreciate it. It was like a sign of disrespect, especially cuz normally me and him are real good friends. A little more than that happened, but I just felt disrespected. I went in the studio like two days later and just murdered him."

On "Number 1," Peedi cautions Santana, "After this, if I hear some shit you gonna be under my boot." Juelz has yet to respond to the attack.

"I haven't heard anything from him," Peedi said. "He got one of his artists, one of Dipset's little underdogs--nobody you might of heard of--one of them came at me but it was a cheap shot, it wasn't anything. But [Juelz] didn't say anything. I might leave it alone if I don't hear nothing else from him, but I might not."

Despite Santana's silence, Dipset Capo Jim Jones reportedly had some words for the former State Property rapper.

"Jim Jones had a show in Philly and stated that P. Crakk should keep his mouth shut, saying how I'm talking about his little brother and that means I'm talking about him," Peedi said. "Ain't nobody scared of you Jim. Jim ain't no gangster. He got a couple albums and got real bigheaded. Jim can get some of this shit too. I got a lotta shots to take. I might go in on Jim, but I think Jay[-Z] beat me to it. Jay just did a diss on him. So I don't have to do that. I might chill out on him. But I'm on Juelz's ass."

And while the North Philly MC acknowledges Hov's personal beef with Jim Jones and Cam'ron, he continues to assert that Jay Z's problems with Dipset are completely separate from his own. "Jay didn't put me up to do this shit. Some people get misled. They think Hov sent Crakk on Juelz. I did this on my own. Hov didn't send me nowhere. I never spoke to him about this. This has nothing to do with Def Jam or Roc-A-Fella. This is a P. Crakk move. Just so they don't think there is some kind of war because Cam'ron and Jay don't fuck with each other. Nah, this is some personal shit. Ask Juelz what happened at the Puff party a month ago."

Peedi Crakk's first single, "Take Me Home," featuring Megan Rochell is due out early next month. His album, Prince of the Roc, is expected to drop in early 2007. The album features Twista, Bun B, Black Thought, Swizz Beatz and Chad West.

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