Lil' Wayne Ends Beef With The Hot Boyz?

ImageLil' Wayne has just released a new song on which he opens up about missing his former Hot Boyz groupmates. Over a soulful instrumental, Weezy writes an open letter to former Hot Boyz members--Juvenile, B.G. and Young Turk. Titled "All Alone," the song sees Cash Money's president admitting that despite the differences they've had in the past, he still has love for his former labelmates.

"I love my niggas no homo/I swear I hope they all get cheese like Digiorno/there's something about The Hot Boyz that you don't know/I got a lot of love for them that I don't show/and B.G. been my nigga since the front door/I hope Chopper City Records blow, fa' sho/me and Juvey never really got along/but you still would let your nigga come get on your hottest song," Weezy offers in the beginning of the song's second verse.

He later ends the verse with, "I had my own lawyer workin' on Turk's case/ after I heard him dissin' me on a mixtape/cause he's locked up and I'm free/he got a lot more to worry about than me."

Meanwhile, the song's first verse tells the story of a woman Wayne had to leave after she cheated on him. Though many will speculate that Trina is the verse's subject, Weezy doesn't drop names or clear hints during the verse. Word is the song will be part of a compilation for Young Money Entertainment, Weezy's label through Cash Money Records.

Weezy's collaborative LP with Baby, Like Father Like Son, is in stores now.

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