Jim Jones Answers Jay-Z's Diss, "Flies High" With Juelz Santana On New Track

ImageBarely a day after Jay-Z released "Brooklyn High," a diss song against Jim Jones, the Dipset Capo has responded with "Fly High" (Beef Mix) featuring Juelz Santana.

The song begins with Jones re-using Jay-Z's first "Brooklyn High" verse as he adlibs over it. "I'm scared," Jones sarcastically snapped right after Hov offered, "I'll click clack/push your wig back further than Tyra Banks' hair line."

After letting Hov live on the first verse, Jones opens up the second verse with, "You say 30's the new 20/but you're 40, I'm 30, so who's 20?" Things get a little more threatening towards the end of the verse when Capo warns, "I told your old ass to chill/better slow down before your old ass get killed(bang bang!)/and now they tell me draw the line somewhere/I'll rather draw nines motherfucka let guns flare(murder!)"

Despite gunplay references, Jones keeps it lighthearted throughout, noting that the record is all in fun.

Though Juelz appears on the track, he once again abstains from taking shots at Jay, serving general lines aimed at sucker emcees and pump faking ballers instead. Meanwhile, Jones arguably provides the song's highlight during the cut's outro.

"Hey, Jay we appreciate you for the remix, baby. If you would have just called me, I might have put you on the remix, let you say ballin," Jones remarked. "They say imitation is the best form of flattery and I'm flattered, motherfucka. What you can do for me is tell Nas to buy you a kuffi for Christmas, so I can smack that shit off your head. You and Nas remind me of the golden girls, two old bitches."

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