Nas Links With Leonardo DiCaprio, Drops Jewels on Diamond Industry

ImageNas revealed that he will be featured on the soundtrack to the forthcoming Leonardo DiCaprio film "Blood Diamond" during a radio interview yesterday (November 8) with Hot 97's Funkmaster Flex.

Nas (born Nasir Jones) appeared on the popular NY radio station to promote his new album, Hip Hop Is Dead. During the interview he took time to mention his very important part in "Blood Diamond," a film that explores the African diamond trade and stars DiCaprio and Djimon Honsou ("Amistad").

"There's a movie coming out y'all called 'Blood Diamond'... I did some music on there, got involved," Nas told Flex. "I'm not in it but felt like I'd shout them out. They treated me real nice. [It's] about the diamond industry. I think it's going to shake up some stuff out there with the whole way it's happening with them coming from over there on the continent, the way it's brought over there. I think it's gonna help out some stuff."

After Flex pointed out Nas' taste for jewels, the rapper responded, "I like these shiny things, man. And sometimes I wear them and I think about it like, 'Yo, man. These belong to me. I'm buying it back.' I'm trying to get involved."

"Blood Diamond" arrives in theatres on December 8 and Nas' Hip-Hop Is Dead hits stores on December 19.

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