Big Boi Doesn’t Want To Be Honored By VH1

This upcoming June, VH1 will air their annual Hip Hop Honors which will recognize southern artists such as Jermaine Dupri, J Prince , Uncle Luke and 2 Live Crew, Master P, and Organized Noize.

The event will be hosted by comedian Craig Robinson with performances by Trina, Lil Jon, Pitbull, Bun B, and T-Pain.

Although the producers of the show are honoring the South for its tremendous influence in Hip Hop, some honorees such as Uncle Luke however feel that the show is overlooking his career as a businessman besides being a member of 2 Live Crew.

“They want to honor Master P for his business savvy and they want to honor Jermaine Dupri for his business savvy and I’m kind of offended by that. We have basically been talking it out, but it’s just so sad that people just don’t know my history. They try to link me with a group and not see me as a businessman.”

Big Boi of Outkast is the most recent southern artist to voice his opinion about this year’s honors. Many may question why Outkast has yet to be honored, especially for the southern Hip Hop Honors, but Big Boi explains that in the past there were time conflicts with the airing of the show but most recently he feels that by getting honored it would be the equivalent of having a funeral to their career.

“The reason Outkast has not been honored on the VH1 Hip Hop Honors is because we have not wanted to participate in that yet. The first two times, I think our schedule's busy, but after that, it just seems like a going away party, almost like a funeral. We still here we still in the studio, we still out here in the trunk, baby. To all the people out there, don't get mad because they have asked us, but just, on our side, we just ain’t ready for that right now. We working on albums right now, we gonna let everybody else do that, but it'll be good. They ain’t overlook us, we just ain't doing' it."