Game Stops Dissing Jay-Z, "Being At Odds W/ Him Wasn't Beneficial"

West Coast rapper Game has explained his decision to fall back on name-checking Jay-Z on diss tracks as of late.
According to Game, Hov's close knit relationship with producers Dr. Dre and Pharrell forced him to sway from beefing.

"Maybe I stepped over the line because I listen to Beyonce's music," Game said in an interview. "My girl listens to Beyonce's music. All girls do. So, when I did that, I got rained on by like, it was like a chick army at my next show. Plus, I didn't really mean that much harm, man. It's just rap, man. As far as Jay, he's a good friend of Pharrell's and he worked with Jay recently. I decided, along with [Dr.] Dre and Pharrell, that being at odds with him wasn't beneficial to what we're trying to do in the future, so later for that." (Yahoo)

Based off a recent album listening session with Complex, Game's "Infared" R.E.D. Album song features the rapper contemplating his stance with Jay.

Produced By: Cool & Dre Complex says: The Compton rapper's forays into name-dropping have recently been hit or miss, but over Cool & Dre's 70s funk-jazz-influenced instrumental, the album's intro is a major hit. Game drops attention-grabbing lines ("Will I ever go at Nas? H*ll nah! / Will I ever go at Jay-Z? I don't know") and doesn't waste a second spewing his fully automatic braggadocio. It's an instant head-nodding banger for a kickoff. (Complex)

Last summer, Game released his Jay-Z diss, "I'm So Wavy."

"N*ggas pop tags, I pop the 4-5," Game raps. "N*ggas got swag, I got the tech nine...Yeah, you got cheese and I kill rats/Translation, I still trap/Now do something with that, or respond to this/And with those big a** lips, you got my name in your mouth I hope it taste like uhhh, no homo, one more time/uhhh, that's your promo/And I been hard to the core since I went solo/Only man on my horse like my all black polo...Got the camel in a choke hold/Tryin' to son me, I'm not from N-Y-C/You can't even have a child by your Destiny/And I ain't mean to take a shot at B, I blacked out like you did Free." ("I'm So Wavy")

Game previously dropped his "Death of Jay-Z" freestyle while touring in Europe throughout 2009.

"I know y'all been hearing about the controversy between with me and Jay-Z, right," Game asked a crowd in Spain. "So I'ma start it off like this, f*ck Jay-Z! That's how Pac felt. That's how Nas felt at one time and that's how I feel...This ain't about B/This ain't about Destiny...You got a bad b*tch, word, ain't no p*ssy like hers/Just ask the Mavericks, Cowboys and the Spurs/I mean, my b*tch don't sling p*ssy like that/My b*tch sling p*ssy on a n*gga from the back, back, back/Black Wall Street, that's the game I bang/And I'm in Mahdrid, Spain...It go one, two, I'm back for more/Guess who's coming through the motherf*cking door/Spittin' more sh*t than a Crip/N*ggas know Game back on his sh*t."