Jim Jones On Tony Yayo, "That Nigga's A Immigrant, He's A Straight Hater"

 With his third album, Hustler's P.O.M.E. (Product Of My Environment) hitting stores, Jim Jones discussed about his new Reality TV show, Nas' birthday party and the relationship between Dipset and G-Unit.

News recently surfaced that Jones had a VH1 Reality TV Show in the works. Though he recently confirmed the reports, heads will have to wait to know more details.

"I was lucky I guess. God blessed me with being at the right place at the right time. VH1 is feeling my energy. They feeling my charisma and we're trying to do some business with it. 'Keeping Up With The Joneses' is the name of it," Jones told SOHH. "Just get ready to live the fast life. That's all I can tell you. It wasn't even supposed to be leaked out, so I'm trying to keep it as modest as possible."

When asked when the show is tentatively set to premiere, Jones answers, "I don't know" and then starts laughing. Aside from his hit record, "We Fly High," Jones has been in the rumor mill quite a bit as of late. One rumor claims he showed up at Nas' birthday party this past September.

"Nah, I didn't actually show up at Nas' birthday party," Jones cleared up. "We just signed Katt Williams, who is a comedian and ...Nas had Katt Williams hosting his party and Katt Williams is Dipset and him being the comedian he was he felt it was right to say, 'my Capo Jim Jones is in the building. How you feel about that, Nas?' So I love Katt Williams, who is the funniest nigga in the entire universe."

Also in September, another rumor spread that Tony Yayo mocked We Fly High by screaming "booooring" backstage at Hot 97's Back To School Bash at Nassau Coliseum, causing tension between Yayo and Jones' camps.

"I don't know if he said that, but if that little nigga said that he need to get his money up cause I'm balling for real, you know what I'm talking about?" Jones countered. "It's all aggressive competition to each his own, smell me? You dig? That nigga's a immigrant. He's a straight hater, he belong in little Haiti."

"But besides that it's all good, man. G-Unit, Dipset are pretty much the most powerful movements in this game right now," he added. "But we on our way up, that's the difference. We on our way to the moon on everybody, you dig?"

Jim Jones' Huslter's P.O.M.E.(Product Of My Environment) featuring The Diplomats, Diddy and Lil' Wayne is in stores today.

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