Jay-Z Goes On Nationwide Tour

ImageStill high off his worldwide tour, Jay-Z is scheduled to embark on an unprecedented nationwide U.S. tour tomorrow (November 8) in which he will perform eight concerts in eight cities in one day.

Four of the eight cities, including Washington, D.C., Atlanta, GA, Chicago, IL and Las Vegas, NV, have been confirmed so far. According reports on DC's WPGC (95.5), Hov will not be performing in New York, NY or Baltimore, MD. By stretching the tour in different parts of the country, Jigga will add four bonus hours to the tour being able to visit all markets within the same day.

Venues for the concerts are being kept secret as of now. WPGC is reportedly giving away tickets in DC, but there's no words on where tickets can be purchased in other markets.

Jay-Z's Kingdome Come is slated to hit stores on November 21.

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