Rapper Beanie Sigel Hospitalized In Philadelphia

 Rapper Beanie Sigel was admitted to a Philadelphia area hospital Wednesday (Nov. 1) to be treated for a double hernia.

The rapper woke up in pain and went to see a doctor, who discovered the hernias after a medical examination.

Sigel is not exactly sure how he sustained the injuries, sources added, but the hernias may have come from a rigid exercise routine.

Most hernias occur when a portion of the intestine pokes through the abdominal wall, creating a bulge.

Hernias frequently develop in the groin or naval and can develop suddenly or over a period of months or years.

Sigel is expected to be released on Monday (Nov. 6).

In related news, the rapper is halfway through recording his next album, The Bad Guy, which is slated to hit stores in March 2007.

Sigel, who recently restructured his deal with Def Jam, will release the album under his newly formed label, State Property.

The album features production by Dre and Vidal and guest appearances by Cee Lo, Scarface and Philly's Murder Mil, among others.

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