Police Sue The Game For Defamation, Album Not Pushed Up

ImageFive North Carolina police officers who arrested The Game at a local mall last October, have reportedly filed a defamation suit against the Compton rapper.

As previously reported, Game (born Jayceon Taylor) was arrested last year at a North Carolina mall after three off duty police officers repetitively asked the rapper to discard a Halloween mask he was wearing, to stop cursing and to leave the building.

While handcuffing Game, one of the officer's pepper sprayed members of the rapper's entourage. After being released on bail on the same day, Game would tell the local press that all he was doing was signing autographs. He also accused the officers of brutality and compared his treatment to that of Rodney King.

According to the Associated Press, the officer's suit was filed at the Guilford County Courthouse, and the cops charge that they were libeled, slandered, and that their images were misappropriated.

The suit also takes issue with the distribution of a video of the officers during the arrest.

A website promoting the DVD claims it shows The Game "being wrongfully arrested and brutalized by the police in North Carolina." The incident was captured on videotape by a member of Game's entourage and is available on the Internet.

The five officers, Hien Nguyen, Matthew Brown, Ryan Childrey, Romaine Watkins and David Gregor, are each seeking more than $10,000 in damages. One officer says in the lawsuit that he lost $7,500 in off-duty pay because he was afraid of returning to work at the mall.

The Game and his associates could not be reached for comment.

In related news, Game is gearing up for the release of his sophomore album, Doctor's Advocate. Despite rumors of the LP being pushed up to a November 7 release date due to its recent leak, Label reps have confirmed that the album will hit stores on November 14 as originally scheduled.

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