Raekwon Headlines 1st Russian Hip-Hop Summit

Wu-Tang Clan member Raekwon the Chef will headline Russia’s first Hip-Hop Summit late next month in Moscow.

The summit will be held on April 25th at the Luzhniki Sports Complex.

Organizers said the 1st Russian Hip-Hop Summit will be dedicated to the development of the Russian Hip-Hop industry and to develop, establish and maintain international relationships between artists around the globe.

Also featured in the summit will be Queens, New York Hip-Hop group Onyx, as well as Russian Hip-Hop stars NoGGano and Ассаи, Basta, Vakhtang, ST, Купэ and others.

"The summit will show that our Hip-Hop is not lagging behind: we learned a lot over the past 15 years, and now Russian and American artists are able to perform on one stage, not yielding to each other,” a rep said in a statement.

During the summit the top new comer of the year will be announced.

The vote is being determined by the Russian Hip-Hop audience at www.hiphopsummit.ru.