Mobb Deep On Near Death Experience

ImageIn this exclusive, Queens rappers Mobb Deep describe their near brush with death and reveal their religious beliefs.

As previously reported, the duo were aboard a Flight out of Atlanta headed to Chile, when the pilot was forced to make an emergency landing after one of the plane's engines caught fire.

"The plane engine like blew out, started sparking and caught fire," Havoc described.

"One of the engines just blew. Mad fire was coming out the engine, we made the emergency landing and when we landed we was like 'we'll see Chile another time. We goin' home," Prodigy added.

The engine fire marked the second time in two days that the pair was delayed.

"We was supposed to be there earlier but we got delayed due to the weather. Then we got on that plane and that one conked out," explained Havoc, who seemed resigned that the cancelled trip was fated. "Something was stopping us from going on the trip, it was two different delays."

Despite the life-threatening circumstances, Prodigy said he never feared his life was in danger.

"I already knew the plane was not going to crash. Our purpose is not fulfilled yet. We are here for a serious purpose and it is not done yet. I knew it was going to land safely," Prodigy said.

While confident in his purpose, Prodigy's faith has come into question recently since voicing controversial lyrics on "Pearly Gates," a song the group crafted with 50 Cent.

"We're definitely spiritual people...but I don't believe the storytime, 'This is what it is, this is what you're supposed to believe, this is how it went down.' I don't believe in none of that shit. I believe in the Creator, that you're supposed to be a positive, good person. That shit comes back to you when you're not good. [That] you have to put positive energy in the world or you'll get negative back," Prodigy explained.

"When I was saying that shit on 'Pearly Gates' I was just being a rebel to the system that they force us [into], they force you to believe in all that shit. If you don't believe it then you're labeled as a devil worshipper. These are the same motherfuckers that enslaved us, and lied to us for thousands of years, stole our technology and raped all our ancestors, and these are the same people that said 'here this what you [should] believe [in]."

Mobb also addressed critics who've charged that they group has abandoned their hardcore roots for more club-friendly hits.

"They play 'Shook Ones' in the club," Havoc pointed out, recalling their classic hit off The Infamous album.

"When we made 'Shook Ones' we always had in our minds we got hardcore music for parties, and hardcore music for girls and hardcore music for our block where we come from," Prodigy added. "We put that same mentality into all our songs, even a song like "Hey Love" with 112 ... When you first hear itit's like judging a book by it's cover - like 'Damn Mob Deep did a love song-- but if you listen to the lyrics we talking about takin' niggas girls. That's hood, it's a hardcore love record, what Mobb Deep is supposed to do to a song like that."

Life of the Infamous: The Best of Mobb Deep hits stores this Halloween (October 31). Prodigy and Havoc are also currently working on their own solo albums.

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Source: SOHH