The Game Seeks To Remove Gangster Connections From Lawsuit

Rapper The Game is seeking to disassociate himself with the term “gangster” in a civil lawsuit he is fighting in court.

The Game is being sued by Shannon Rodrick for allegedly striking him and pulling a gun on him during a pickup game of Basketball at the Rita Walters Complex in South Los Angeles in 2007.

The Game pled guilty to the crime and was sentenced to four months in prison, although he only served eight days in the county jail, due to overcrowding.

Shannon Rodrick filed the civil suit against the rapper in March of 2008. In a legal move aimed at winning the case, lawyers for The Game filed papers in court, asking the presiding judge to remove all references to him being a “gangster” or “gangster” rapper.

According to, The Game’s lawyers argue that the terms could prejudice the jury against him in the case.

Additionally, The Game is seeking to have all references to his lyrics removed from the case as well.