Fabolous Hires Investigator To Obtain Details In Shooting

ImageFabolous' lawyer, Alberto Ebanks, revealed to The New York Post that the Brooklyn bred rapper has hired private investigators to obtain more details surrounding his shooting, arrest and the robbery of Boston Celtics playerSebastian Telfair.

As previouisly reported, Faboulus was shot and wounded in his right thigh early Tuesday morning (October 17), while exiting Sean "Diddy" Combs' Justin's Restaurant in Manhattan, NY .

When his entourage attempted to leave the scene and rush him to the hospital, Fabolous and his associates were stopped by the NYPD. The car was searched and guns were allegedly found. Fabolous and three other men, were then arrested and charged for having unregistered, loaded weapons in their vehicle.

Reports would later surface that surveillance video captured two members of Fabolous' entourage robbing Telfair for his chain outside Justin's minutes before the rapper was shot.

The sources claimed Telfair saw the men inside Justin's and made a cell phone call. The security camera also reportedly captured Fab's shooter leaving in a grey car.

Telfair, who has viewed several lineups which included Fabolous and his three associates, denied Friday that that he is under investigation for Fabolous' shooting.

"I wasn't being investigated for any shooting," he said at the Celtics' practice facility in Waltham, Mass. "My necklace was snatched from my neck."

Ebanks told the Post that Fab's move to hire the investigators is a bid to clear the weapons-possession charges.

"He was shot;" said Ebanks. "I think that's the classic definition of a victim"

According to The New York Post, investigators were looking at video footage from the parking lot outside Justin's, but said the tapes were very dark and grainy and would likely be "of little use'.

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