Ras Kass Drops New Diss Single Aimed At Game

 The feud between West coast rappers The Game and Ras Kass rages on, as a new diss track by Ras Kass titled "Gayme Over" has been released.

On "Gayme Over," Ras Kass takes shots at The Game's credibility, the rapper's sexuality and his appearance on the dating show Change of Heart.

The song features Ras Kass berating the Compton native over a mid-tempo, dark track that utilizes a snippet of Electric Light Orchestra's song, "It's Over."

Tension between the two rappers reached the breaking point when they crossed paths Sept. 14 at a Los Angeles club.

The Game confronted Ras Kass in club Element over the lyrics to Rass Kass' song "Caution," which took several swipes at the Compton-bred rapper.

The song sparked a physical altercation between the two emcees, who offered differing accounts of what happened during the scuffle.

Within days of their confrontation, Ras Kass released the single “Hush Little Baby," while The Game and Black Wall Street member Juice recently released a diss to Ras Kass titled "Pistol Grip Pump."

Both have previously traded insults in interviews, freestyles, mixtapes and even on popular social networking sites like MySpace and YouTube.

On "Gayme Over" Ras raps: "You're the waste of L.A./get blast up in LA/face down, a** up in LA/you the Crocodile Hunter, I am the sting ray/"

Ras Kass also incorporates a portion of Game's 2004 track "Cali Boyz" into "Gayme Over" rapping: "Remember the time you rhymed exactly like Shyne/Didn't even know this n***a and he shouts me out rhymes/"

The artwork on the single plays off of The Game's 2005 debut The Documentary. The cover features the rapper clad in an orange wig, holding a banana and wearing a pair of pink Chuck Taylor sneakers.

The six-minute diss ends with the theme music to Change of Heart, the dating show that Game appeared on in the early 90's, before becoming a superstar rapper.

Download the track.