Lil' Wayne Banned From Morgan State For Money Tossing Incident

ImageLil' Wayne has been barred from performing at Morgan State University and may face criminal charges, after a homecoming concert went awry when the rapper's entourage threw money into the crowd.

The sold-out concert took place at Hill Field House during the university's homecoming concert on Thursday (Oct. 19), which also featured Busta Rhymes.

During Lil' Wayne's performance, members of his entourage tossed $20, $10, $5 and $1 bills into the crowd of mostly college students. In the rush to retrieve the cash, two women sustained leg injuries and another woman fainted.

All were treated at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

"We're evaluating it from a public safety standpoint and a criminal standpoint," Morgan State University Police Chief Adrian Wiggins told the Baltimore Sun.

Morgan State University Spokesman Clinton R. Coleman compared the rapper's actions to "standing in a crowded movie theater and shouting fire."

"It is something we regret that he did," Coleman said. "We regret the injuries that were caused. And we're happy that most of the people in the crowd acted responsibly."

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