Young Jeezy Talks Shawty Redd Collabo On Next Album

Young Jeezy said getting Plies on his new record "Lose My Mind" is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to guest spots on his upcoming LP, Thug Motivation 103.

"I was hoping 'Lose My Mind' was gonna have people on [their toes], because there was no telling what I'm gonna do," Jeezy said. "Let it be known, this album will be special and have some special features on it. I don't wanna let the cat out the bag.

"But June, by the way," he said of the LP's release date. "That's what I'm thinking. If you the boss, you can talk like that. I'm thinking June. I wanna own the summer. If you coming out [with an album] in June, you might wanna think about that, bruh. TM103, I will be there."

Young has had sessions with producers from Kanye West to Swizz Beatz, but he promised that he's going to have one of the guys who helped build the foundation of his sound: Shawty Redd. Redd was arrested on New Year's Day for murder, but the producer's legal problems have not stopped him from working with Young.

"Ah, man. I don't like to give it up," he said when asked to explain one song on the album. "I got this song with Shawty Redd called 'Let Me Handle My Business.' The beat is ... matter of fact, I'm not going to sell it like that. Shawty Redd, Young Jeezy, you know what it is. I'm just going in, basically handling my business. I gotta say what's on my mind. But I'm not here to sell you on no album. Like I said, June, you will be surprised, homie. That's real talk. I been working on this. I been back in the lab. ... I got you."

Jeezy is currently on the road with Jay-Z and Trey Songz for the Blueprint 3 Tour. On Tuesday night, Jeezy stole the show, bringing out Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj and Drake as surprise guests.