The Game Tells Jay-Z To Push His Album Back

ImageWith The Doctor's Advocate set to drop less than a month from now, The Game is advising competitors to push their albums back, even Jay-Z.

"As far as my release date, November 14th, and Jay dropping on the 21st, he should move his album away, because this album ... like Jay is a legend, we all love Jay and respect Jay but it's that out of retirement album," Game said. "It's the are we gonna get the old Michael Jordan back or are gonna get that Mike that played for the Wizards so everyone's is gonna wait to see what he's gonna do --- but I know what I got."

"It's sort of like poker. When you know you got a royal flush it doesn't even matter what the rest of the players got, cause once I lay these cards out the fucking game is over and that's just how it is," Game continued. "So with Jay being a week behind me, Jay's gotta worry about Snoop [Dogg] and vice versa cause they're dropping on the same day. Me, I got my own day and a whole 7 days to sell a million records and I might outsell them the second week, who knows."

On another note, The Doctor's Advocate's cover art was recently unveiled. Heads were shocked to notice that the cover bares a striking resemblance to its predecessor, The Documentary.

"Five, ten years from now when I look back at my albums I want them to tie in. It's a growth process. [The] first album I went from 15 inch gold Dayton's [tires]. Those Daytons are the cheapest, the Compton emcee explained. "I was sitting on two gold tires. You can't get nowhere with two tires unless you on a motorcycle, you obviously need two more rims. With the first album that picture it basically saying that I was stuck in this place for so long in my life, know, the struggle. But I was at a stand still cause you can't go anywhere unless you got four tires. So I was just sitting there posting."

"So on this one there are two 26 [inch] chrome Daytons," he added. "Those are top of the line. On this album I'm sitting on four tires, so it's time to get the ball rolling and make moves in hip-hop. And the next album we'll try to keep it similar to the second one and keep establishing that chemistry and tie these things in."

The Game's The Doctor's Advocate is slated to hit stores November 14th.

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