Method Man Apologizes to Waka Flocka Over Lyricism Debate

Wu-Tang veteran Method Man has issued an apology to Waka Flocka regarding their differing opinions on the value of lyrics in today’s Hip-Hop.

In an previous appearance on Shade 45’s All Out Show with Raekwon and Ghostace Killah, Method Man spoke on his disdain for subpar lyrics in Hip-Hop music, specifically pointing out Waka Flocka after the hosts made him aware that the Atlanta rapper stated intricate lyricism is not needed in today’s climate.

“He has the right to his opinion. But the people that are in the know and know what time it is, know that if you ain’t saying s**tout your mouth, your time is very slim in this motherfucking game, b.”

Waka Flocka responded in an interview that he wouldn’t disrespect Method Man, and expressed disappointment an artist he looked up to would attack him.

“I feel like he disrespected his own kid. I listened to you, I seen you start, buddy. I seen you in the bus, hanging on the bars, I was digging that with the one eye [in the “Bring the Pain” video.],” Flocka explained. “They called Down South music pop, but Onyx wasn’t doing crunk music to you, honest opinion? Wu-Tang was crunk music, crunk aggressive music. Hip-Hop is supposed to have different angles.”

Method Man appeared again last Friday on the All Out Show, and criticized the media for taking his point “out of context.”

In addition, Method Man clarified his personal feelings on Waka Flocka.

“[My statement] wasn’t about that man or what that man do. It was about the statement [Waka made],” Meth detailed. “I don’t even know that man to feel any type of way about that man….Anybody trying to eat legally and get their money the way I try to get mines, and ain’t never gonna knock them, man. That’s the last time I say anything about any fu**ing emcee or what they do. I’m going to keep my business to myself.”

“I appreciate that that man took the high road, I respect that man for that because I was way out of context. I can honestly say that because I didn’t know where the information came from, or how it was stated. But from the input that I got, his s**twas taken out of context when he made that statement.”

Method Man is making promotional rounds in preparation for a March 30 collaboration LP with Raekwon and Ghostface Killah entitled Wu-Massacre.

The album will feature production from The RZA, Scram Jones, and Mathematics.

Waka Flocka Flame’s debut project Murda Man Flocka is expected to drop this year.

The first single, “O Let’s Do It,” was released in December.