Rhymefest Heads To The UK To Meet With Conservative Party Leader

 Chicago rapper Rhymefest will act as an international spokesman for Hip-Hop culture when he meets with Conservative Party leader David Cameron in the United Kingdom this week.

Rhymefest will meet with Cameron at the House of Commons on Thursday (Oct. 19) to help change the politician's view of Hip-Hop music, according to UK daily The Sun.

Cameron criticized BBC's Radio 1 during a British Society of Magazine Editors event last June, accusing the station of playing music that "encourages people to carry guns and knives."

He singled out the station's Saturday night schedules, which includes DJ Tim Westwood's Hip-Hop show.

Cameron's comments came during an outbreak of violence in the United Kingdom that claimed various victims, including a 29-year-old policewoman and a 15-year-old schoolboy.

BBC's Radio 1 denied Cameron's accusations and defended it's programming stating the station followed "strict producer guidelines that govern all of the output."

In August, Rhymefest responded in an open letter aimed at changing the Conservative Party leader's views of Hip-Hop music.

"My challenge, is to ask that you sit down and have a cup of tea with me," Rhymefest wrote. "In fact, let me come and perform for you. I am sure you will see that rap music is more than murder music or knife culture.

"If you truly believe this is a democracy then sit down and discuss with me the issues that you see. And if you are correct, and your opinion of rap music is the same, then we should come together with the community; rappers, politicians and radio DJs, and have a wider discussion...because, Mr Cameron, this generalisation is not all of us, it’s just a few bad apples that spoil the bunch...let’s solve the problem of the rap community in a civilised way and in a way that music can still be entertaining."

Rhymefest admitted he was surprised to learn Cameron had accepted his challenge to meet and have a constructive conversation.

"Whoever thought that the power of the pen was truly mightier than the sword? Coming from a ghetto on the South Side of Chicago, I know I didn't," Rhymefest wrote on his Myspace.com blog. "Well, maybe now it's time for me to accept my responsibility, face my trial in life and take my place in history."

According to Rhymefest, reporters from MTV and the BBC will cover the meeting.

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