Naughty By Nature Preps New LP, Reality Show, Speaks on Apache Loss

Veteran New Jersey trio Naughty By Nature have mapped out a 2010 year that includes a new album and Treach-centered reality show.

The group’s last full length offering IIcons was released in 2002. Because of the layoff, Naughty has released two singles over the past six months to reintroduce themselves to their original fans and a new generation of potential listeners.

“We working on a brand new Naughty album now, it’s called Anthem 8,” Treach disclosed in an interview. “It’ll be out before the summer we got 2 singles on iTunes, ‘Get to Know Me Better’ and ‘I Gotta Lotta.’ And we shopping a reality show called A Tribe Called Treach. We doing all that and got that in motion.”

Naughty By Nature is known for two of the biggest, seminal singles in Hip-Hop history with “O.P.P.,” and “Hip-Hop Hooray.”

Even with the music industry vastly different from their early to mid 90s popularity peak, the group has maintained themselves through constant touring, particularly on the international front.

“We tour all year round. We’re about to go to Australia with Busta Rhymes and Kid Cudi,” Treach revealed. “We keep it moving. Hip-Hop is a movement, we ain’t stingy and just doing it for Naughty, we doing it for all of Hip-Hop.”

Since the early 90’s, Treach has maintained steady film work. Now with TV booming again, the East Orange native is looking to take his talents to the small screen with his own spin on the reality TV genre.

“Mine is a docu-reality [show]. We see the majority of them and everybody is rich and famous. They shopping all day and going through drama and doing parties,” he explained. “Our thing is about the tribe; our group, production, management, movies, family life, [and] homies in the hood. If you leave the hood they say you forgot where you came from, if you stay you’re doing something you ain’t got no business… We all live in the outskirts no further than 10 minutes out…Their dreams are our dreams. We ain’t just made it and been like ‘we made it, y’all better get y’alls.’ We’re like, what can we do to help….Just like Flavor Unit pulled us out.”

Naughty’s close friend and fellow emcee Apache (Anthony Teaks) was laid to rest last week after passing suddenly from an undisclosed illness.

Both parties featured extensively on each other’s early albums (Apache Ain’t Shit, Naughty By Nature), and Vinnie detailed it was Apache who convinced Flavor Unit to give them a shot.

“Our big brother passed away, we just buried him,” he said. “He’s definitely a Hip-Hop legend and another Hip-Hop icon. He gave birth to Naughty By Nature. He told Flavor Unit ‘if y’all don’t sign naughty, I’m not messing with y’all.’”

At press time, Naughty By Nature’s Anthem 8 album does not have a set release date.