50 Cent's new video game: A look behind the scenes

ImageLike most people, the first time we heard about "50 Cent: Bulletproof," we groaned.But Game Informer magazine recently got a chance to play the game, and we must admit, we were impressed.

It's not destined for greatness quite yet, but the production values are definitely there. Now, it's just a question of whether Genuine Games can put together the gameplay to back up the high-profile star and the game's amazing soundtrack.

To learn more we talked with 50 Cent to gauge his thoughts on the game and the industry.

Q How long have you been into video games? Did you play them growing up?

A Yeah. I always played them coming up. I had Atari way back. "Ms. Pac-Man," "Centipede." Old school.

Q We heard that you were approached to be in the last "Grand Theft Auto" game, "San Andreas," but you passed on it to be in your own game. That's a big offer to turn down, why did you go with your own project?
A I didn't want to be a character in a game. There are artists on my label that are able to do that. I wanted to do something a little bigger. I wanted them to create a theme and actually change the technology. "Bulletproof" is even more edgy than "Grand Theft Auto."

Q In terms of the content?

A Yeah.

Q Were there any games that you looked to as an inspiration?

A Collectively, I had Terry Winters, who actually wrote the screenplay for 50 Cent's biopic "Get Rich or Die Tryin' " (which opens in theaters Wednesday). He spent two and a half months with me compiling this information to create the screenplay. I thought he was the guy to create the theme for the video game. He did a great job. Of course, it's fictional, but it's a great theme.

Q Does the game tie into the movie, or is it all fictional?

A It's more of a fictional tale in the video game, but it's exciting to see myself, Lloyd Banks, Young Buck, Tony Yayo, DJ Whoo Kid, Dr. Dre (and) Eminem – all of us in the same video game.

Q What's the basic plot of the game?

A The basic plot? You know how certain video games give you missions? There's different missions that you go through to complete the actual video game. There are a lot of things you can do in this game that you can't do in other video games. You can get information out of other characters in the game. In combat, you can utilize the actual environment, things in the environment. If there's a chair, you can turn the chair over and get behind it. They usually don't take the time to make everything in the actual game usable. You can take something off the table and throw it.

Q They've talked about the "Living Hood" concept for the game, with different people in the neighborhood that you can talk (to), interact and do business with. How does that work?

A Yeah, you can go to the bootlegger and get music. That thing came from me saying, "I want to be able to give the material that I put out for promotional purposes an opportunity to be heard on a broader scale." So a lot of the material I created for the mixtape circuit, and a lot of the people that are hip to that got wind of it and other people didn't – they only got the commercial material that I release through Interscope Records. There's four additional songs that haven't been heard.

Q There are songs from your commercial records and the G-Unit records?

A Yeah, you get a chance to use all of that music as an option when you play the game. I've always watched (my friends) use another source of music when they play games. You know, these video game companies create these game soundtracks, but that's not really the best music. So, people will turn the actual video game sound off and turn up their stereo and listen to their music while they play the game. Video games are a huge form of entertainment; I've seen them do it four, five hours at a time and they'll go right back and do it again. Like, when you watch a film, after you've seen it, unless you totally love it, you don't have the urge to watch it again. After you complete it, you're like, "That was cool." But unless it was a great film, you don't say, "OK, start it over." You know? (Laughs.)

Q You've obviously played the game. Is it cool and reflective of what you wanted?

A Yeah, I think it's great. The game itself is actually more than I expected it to be to begin with. It's a step ahead of things that I've seen that will be compared to it.

Q Is it a mix of gun combat and hand-to-hand fighting?

A Yeah.

Q Any particular cool moves that you thought were unique?

A Well, there's like 20 different special kill moves that you can do. You can keep changing the different things. It's cool. Just to entertain yourself and sit there and play the game. It's so far ahead of what I would consider entertainment on the video game level. This particular game is for me, you know what I mean?