Nas Works With Dre, Kanye & Just Blaze

Image"All respect to all rappers on Def Jam, I love the label. Without disrespect, I'm about to be the craziest shit on Def Jam. But that should go without saying," Nas told MTV of his upcoming LP Hip Hop Is Dead.

The Queensbridge emcee is working with nothing but A-list producers for the album, though many feared it would lead to more of a pop sound rather than his street shit his core fans love. Though all reports say the album is his grittiest in years. Along with, Scott Storch and Chris Webber (yes, that Chris Webber), Nas has production from Dr. Dre, Just Blaze, Kanye West. All of whom, Nas claims to have their top notch work.

This marks the first time in a decade that Nas has a Dre beat on a solo album, and the first collaboration since The Firm project in 97. "Since then, I hadn't seen Dre, but I bumped into him in a studio and he said he was ready to do my whole album right there on the spot. I just knocked out the joint I did with him," Nas said of the collaboration. The song, which is called QB True G, also features The Game.

"Game is a megastar, man," said Nas. "That nigga shut down a whole crew by himself. That's big." The album drops on December 5th.

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