Lloyd Banks Shoots A Video With Eminem, 50, and Cashis; Plans World's Biggest Record

ImageAlthough the lyrical stalwart named his sophomore set Rotten Apple, due Tuesday on G-Unit/Interscope Records, Banks' main priority isn't to plant the seed for the next harvest of New York.

"There's a difference between the biggest street record and the biggest record in the world," he said from Detroit, where he, Eminem, 50 Cent and newcomer Cashis were shooting a video for "You Don't Know" from the forthcoming Shady Records compilation Eminem Presents: The Re-Up (see "Eminem, New Shady Artists Join 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks On The Re-Up"). "And that's what I'm here to make: the biggest records in the world. All the street records, they come just as easy as any record, but you can't close the door [by putting out a street record]."

With that in mind, Banks rolled out his lead single, "Hands Up," to get back into his natural performance element — not to mention in clubs all across the country. But the Queens native said this album offers a more grounded perspective than his previous effort, Hunger for More, which was recorded while he was on the road as G-Unit rose to prominence. For Rotten Apple, Banks set up a home studio and largely put together the project near his former stomping grounds in South Jamaica.

One of the Apple tracks that marks his new focus, Banks said, is "Help." The song is slated to be the rapper's second single, and he plans to shoot a video next week. Banks is narrowing down treatments and directors for the clip, but he said the clip's premise will be the introduction between a guy and a girl. The semi-autobiographical track deals with Banks adjusting to his stature while trying to remain true to his roots.

"It's really explaining my situation today," Banks explained. "Just why I'm so cautious about trusting people. I'm in a different city every day, and there's a lot of temptation. It's basically speaking from the angle of a 24-year-old that has everything being thrown at them. And, you know, it's going to take a lot more before you run into that actual [girl to settle down with]."

Whether it's women or his career, the rapper is looking to curtail most of his extracurricular activities during this project. Whereas last album he negotiated deals for a soft-porn video among other ventures, now he's determined to make an album that withstands all magazine reviews and regional tastes. The rapper feels he has more to prove musically.

"It's my job and obligation to remain relevant, regardless of which way music is going," he said.

"I got New York on my back," Banks added of his new tattoo, which will be featured in an episode of "Miami Ink" on Tuesday. "I got South Side on my hands, that's where I'm from — that's where it came from for me, and that's the story that reached all around the world."

Found out the new music video will be premiering on BET, on October 16th. Look out for that.

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