Wyclef Clears Dead Bodies In Haiti, Raises A Million

Activist/Hip-Hip artist Wyclef has committed to helping his brethren in Haiti, even clearing bodies of the nation’s desolate streets.

The rapper said that the scene in Port-au-Prince, Haiti’s capital, an “apocalypse” and that more are soon to die without sufficient aid.

"The count is not 100,000 there's at least, has to be four to five hundred thousand people that is about to die,” he told the Associated Press.

On Thursday, the rapper spent the entire day moving bodies and said that chaos is near, unless there is emergency and governmental intervention.

Though his Yele Haiti charity, he has helped to raise $1 million from supporters texting monetary support in $5 increments. But, Wyclef said that he wants to do more.

"We have to raise a million dollars a day. In four or five days, this whole country is going to be in chaos. We are calling for a state of emergency," he said.

He desperately requested that President Barack Obama and other global powers impose a state of emergency and increase aid to those in need of basic water and food.