Jay-Z Denies Connection To The Illuminati, Distances Himself From Religion

Rap star and mogul Jay-Z has addressed growing speculation and rumors that he is secretly involved with a cult, or a high ranking member of the “Illuminati.”

The rapper appeared on Angie Martinez’ Hot 97 show today (January 12) to promote his latest tour, during an showing that included rapper Young Jeezy and R&B singer Trey Songz.

Conspiracy theorists claim that Jay-Z’s lyrics and videos are filled Masonic imagery throughout the years, including his most recent hits, “Run This Town,” "On To The Next One" and “Empire State of Mind.”

The chatter only grew louder when "On To The Next One" hit the Internet supposedly linking Jay-Z’s music, hand symbols and extraordinary wealth to freemasonry, the Illuminati and even Satanism.

"I don't know where it came from, I don't know where it started,” Jay-Z told Angie Martinez today. "No, not me. Never done that before. Why win the world would I do that? That’s retarded.”

The rapper gave some insight into his thoughts on religion, which can also be found in the song “Empire State of Mind.”

A line on “Empire State of Mind” added fuel to the fire when Jay-Z rapped: “Hail Mary to the city,/you're a virgin/And Jesus can't save you/life starts when the church ends”

"I believe in God, I believe in one God,” Jay-Z said of his religious background today. “I don't believe in religion. I think that separates people."

The rapper quipped that if he did belong to a secret organization, it has not helped him in terms of race and acceptance in general.

"I can't even get in a golf club in palms springs,‘ Jay-Z joked. “I'm from Marcy.”

As for the imagery in the “On To The Next One” video, Jay-Z admitted to making the video darker than usual.

"As far as how far people are talking it, I guess I'm an entertainer. I entertain. People make up their own things and they run with it."