The Source Mends Beef With Interscope, Features Lloyd Banks On Next Cover

 Lloyd Banks is slated to grace the cover of The Source Magazine's September issue, marking the first time a member of G-Unit appears on the publication's front page with authorization.

Since the owners of the self-proclaimed hip-hop bible, Dave Mays and Raymond "Benzino" Scot, had a falling out with Eminem back in 2002, anyone affiliated with the blonde lyricist were only featured in the book in a defamatory fashion. Em, 50 Cent and the G-Unit ensemble were all put on the cover without interviews only to be smeared in the articles. After taking over for Mays and Zino, current Source CEO Jeremy Miller said he hoped to feature Interscope artists on the cover.

The Source's Editor-In-Chief Joshua "Fahiym" Ratcliffe spoke about the situation, saying that after having a long meeting with G-Unit president Sha Money XL, where he apologized for the wrongdoings of the magazine's past management, both parties where able to move forward.

Banks is the first G-Unit artist to score an official Source cover. Sha Money broke the ice by appearing in the mag's August issue. The issue also features Talib Kweli, The Clipse, Outkast and Method Man.

The Source Magazine's October issue featuring Lloyd Banks hits stores on October 20th.

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Source: SOHH