Lloyd Banks Carries "The Rotten Apple" On His Back, Appears On "Miami Ink"

ImageTo celebrate the release of his sophomore album Rotten Apple, Lloyd Banks got an special tattoo that will be profiled on TLC's reality show "Miami Ink."

The show will air this coming Tuesday, October 10, the same day that the rapper will release his latest LP Rotten Apple.

The G-Unit soldier specifically requested that tattoo artist Chris Garver craft an exclusive piece for him depicting the "best and worst of New York City" that covers the rapper's entire back. The tattoo features an extremely detailed picture of New York scenery with the words "Rotten Apple" scrolled across the Queens bred emcee's upper back. The body art also includes an artist's rendition of the Statue of Liberty, but instead of holding a torch, the figure is holding a gun.

During the show, Banks also touches on several topics including his mother being one of his biggest influences as well as discussing the day he was shot, lamenting that, "It's not like the movies."

"Miami Ink" airs on TLC on Tuesday, October 10.

[Check out a trailer for the episode]

Rotten Apple will also hit shelves on October 10th on G-Unit/Interscope Records.

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