Kid Cudi Kicked Off 'Monster Tour' For Punching Fan

Another day, another rapper kicked off from Lady Gaga's tour.

Kid Cudi has reportedly been kicked off Lady Gaga's 'Monster Tour' for punching a fan during a performance in Vancouver last week.

The incident occurred after an audience member threw a wallet onstage while Cudi was performing.

Michael Sharpe, the man who Cudi punched, decided not to press charges against the rapper because prior to him throwing the wallet onstage, someone else had thrown the wallet onstage and Cudi tossed it owards him.

Sharpe claimed he threw the wallet back up onstage because it wasn't his. Cudi then came toward Sharpe and began punching him.

It is currently unknown who will be replacing Cudi.

Cudi is the second rapper to be kicked off Gaga's tour. Kanye West was initially slated to hit the road with Gaga but was dropped after causing a ruckus at the MTV Awards in October.