Royce Da 5'9 Sentenced To A Year In Prison For DUI

 Rapper Royce 'Royce Da 5'9' Montgomery has been sentenced to serve one year in jail for driving under the influence.

Sources close to Royce said that the rapper was arrested and charged with DUI over the summer, in Oakland County, MI, the Detroit suburb where the rapper resides.

"The actual situation was the DUI, but because he lives in the suburbs, you know how that goes," a source close to Royce said. "The probation people recommended that he do 30 days, but the judge was like "no." Normally the judge takes the probation people's recommendations, but they sentenced him to a year because they wanted him to think about it."

Royce, who is CEO of M.I.C. Records, was planning to release The Movement Mixtape with Detroit's DJ Butter and he was also working on a new album with DJ Premiere.

According to sources, Royce may still have the option to appeal the sentence, which his immediate associates believe was harsh.

"He may be able to appeal it," the source said. "I think they are really making examples out of people. He didn't even blow that much over. It wasn't like he was drunk and he hit someone - he was driving home at 4 in the morning. It's never like this in the city of Detroit, or in Wayne County."

Representatives for the rapper are asking fans to support the rapper, who leaves behind a family. Free Royce t-shirts are currently being made for supporters.

Fans of Royce can write him in prison:

Ryan Montgomery # 294855 - W1

PO Box 436017

Pontiac MI. 48343

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