50 Cent Blames Record Label For Low Sales Projections, 'It's They Fault'

In an interview with Funkamster Flex last night (November 20), 50 Cent gave his opinion on the low sales projection of his latest album Before I Self Destruct.

As reported earlier, the album is projected to only sell around 160,000 copies by next week and will most likely miss the No. 1 spot on the Billboard 200.

50 Cent believes that the low sales were caused by the album's leak and the inability of his record label to take action.

"With the actual outcome of the project, once the record leaks from the international plant, what more can I do," 50 explained. "I can't, I held the record long enough to get it to them, to mix and master it and for them to ship it and then it leaks from the plant internationally, I'm like come on, then that's it. They lost the ball. You know what I mean, if the numbers look funny to me, it's they fault."

Before I Self Destruct landed on shelves Tuesday (November 18). The set features appearances from Eminem, Ne-Yo and R. Kelly.

50 has enjoyed stellar first week sales since his official debut in 2003.

Get Rich Or Die Trying scored 872,000 copies, The Massacre cashed in over 1,000,000 copies and Curtis rolled in 691,000  copies.


Listen to the full interview bellow.

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