Lupe Fiasco Speaks For The People In History Doc

Chicago rapper Lupe Fiasco will be appearing in an upcoming documentary series titled The People Speak which focuses on people who called for social change throughout U.S. history. According to The Chicago Tribune, the documentary features  Lupe and other celebrities reading speeches given by figures involved in protest movements.

"You feel like you're doing something that you're not supposed to be doing," Fiasco told The Tribune. "Because it didn't come from a traditional textbook, you feel like you're doing something secretive.  That adds to the cool factor. To get that history, and get it delivered like 'Oh my God, that was Viggo Mortensen' -- it inspires you,"

Lupe recites Muhammad Ali’s 1967 speech against the Vietnam War in the documentary. Don Cheadle, John Legend, Morgan Freeman, Micheal Ealy and Rosario Dawson are among the celebrities who participated in the film.

The People Speak will air on the History Channel on December 13th.