Young Buck Launches Label, Shops For Deal Outside Of G-Unit

ImageWith his second album, Buck The World hitting stores this fall, Young Buck is also planning the launch of his own label, Cashville Records.

"50 is so much in support behind what I'm doing as far as establishing my own label Cashville Records," Buck said. "He's totally behind me with it cause I think what he's doing is wanting to put me in a lane to get where he got G-Unit Records out so he can fade totally away from this shit. I think 50 fin to just...he wants to build my label up to where G-Unit Records is at and he's through with rapping, period."

But, will Cashville Records become a subsidiary of G-Unit or Interscope? According to Buck, seeing his label under a different umbrella isn't too far fetched.

"Cashville is under the right one, who is under the right bill and the right check. At the end of the day the check thing ain't really the whole key with me and what I'm trying to do with my label, I'm more concerned with having the right foundation and being around the right people. I'm in the middle of negotiating with a lot of different labels with what I got with my label," the Nashville rep explained.

"G-Unit South is the movement. If Interscope comes along and brings everything to the table then that's where Cashville Records will be. But at the end of the day, if Def Jam got it, Universal or Atlantic, that's where we gon go. I'm just looking for the best opportunity and the best deal for me and my company as a whole."

Young Buck's Buck The World is slated to hit stores in November.

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