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Forum Rules

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1. No spamming. Spamming will receive a ban. If anything put your website in your signature
2. No Freeposting. Theres chat threads you can post in if you wanna just chat or are bored.
3. Please do not post links you did not upload. But if you do for a request, give credit to original uploader
4. Please do not tag your links with other website names
5. No Racism. This is your warning.
6. Please post in relevant sections. Posting in wrong section more then twice will get an warning.
7. Please don't make multiple Accounts (Banned or Not Banned.)
8. Mods > You ..You've been warned...
9. Don't Argue With Uploader's choice of host.
10. No adult material in signatures or avatars is permitted.
11. No masturbation threads.
12. Please don't 'bump' old threads. If its that important, make a new one. Or if you're looking for a link, make a thread in the Request Section
13. Please use the search feature before making a thread, and try to refrain from making stupid threads.
14. Do not mini-mod. We encourage and thank members to use the report button. Report dead links by clicking this icon in the post Posted Image
15. No reputation trading threads. Making threads asking or begging for props for trade of a service is not allowed.
16. Please express yourself without expletives. You can be infracted/ban for anything The RGF TEAM considers to be profane, vulgar or obscene.

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1.Use a meaningful description in the thread title, including the date, so everybody can understand what the post is about.

Bad example: "Look here!!!!"

Good example: "[12.25] Juelz Santana set to launch “Royelz” clothing line"

2. Post the article in your post. Don't just post a link to a site where the news can be found.
3. Post the whole article. Do not copy parts of it.
4. Post a link to the source at the end of the article.
5. Don't post news from mediatakeout.com or other blogs. they generally tend to just be rumors or gossip
6. All news threads not posted correctly will be closed

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1. No threads may contain download links; any threads that do, will be closed. If anything, post a link to the download thread.
2. Use a meaningful description in the thread title with relevant info (I.e. album cover. tracklist. etc.)

Bad example: "Look here!!!!" or "HOTT SHITT"

Good example: "Saigon - Warning Shots 2 [Album Cover]"

4. Using of the term Official - Though you can use it, just don't over due it. Use it with Tracklistings & Covers
5. Dont post your opinion in the title i.e this rapper is the best ever.

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1. No ignorace; you've been warned
2. No racism. You can still have discussions about race without being racist.
3. All political and religious threads belong in this section
4. Violators will be banned, no questions asked. So keep the maturity level up.
5. Keep the religious talks mature and on point. Dont force your beliefs on others.
6. Dont JUST post a video. If there is a video to be posted, post it & follow it up with points to discuss on the matter, otherwise threads will be closed.
7. No biased polls or thread. leave a thread and polls open for both sides of the arguments.[/indent]

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Rap GodFathers Complete Guide To Uploading

1. Use a meaningful description in the thread title with relevant info

Bad example: "Look here!!!!" or "HOTT SHITT"

Good album example: "[6/3] Drake- Thank Me Later-2010[GROUPRIP]"
Good single example: "0603. Eminem feat. Pink - Won't Back Down |CDQ|DIRTY|NODJ|RECOVERY|"
Good movie example: "The Hangover (2009) DVDRip (1 MU Link)"

2. When replying to a thread don't just do this "ghgljhgfdkj" or you will be banned.
3. No passwords other than www.rapgodfathers.info - all others could be deleted.
4. No Stolen Links, If I have seen your link elsewhere, it will be deleted.
5. No links to other sites, Only direct links.
6. Use the HIDE HACK on all your links
7. Post in correct sections. Theres several sections for a reason. Failures to do so will be deleted & banned
8. Do NOT link to video streams in the champagne room. Downloads only.
9. No Pedophile/underage or tranny videos/pictures. They will be deleted & you will be banned
10. In EAC section, ONLY post your own rips & you must post the .nfo and .log

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Must have a more than of 50 posts to create a Request Thread.

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1. SEARCH before you create a new request thread. Majority of the time your requested item(s) are already posted here or in the Download Zone . If I can find your request on this forum your thread will be closed or deleted.
2. Please give as much detail about the requested item(s) as possible.
3. Once your request has been filled, please PROP and reply thank you to the person that filled your request.

This will be updated regularly, If you have any other questions please post them HERE.
The RGFTeam reserve the right to enforce and amended these rules at their digression