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10 Ways to know that you are a SneakerHead!!

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1. You do not wear certain sneakers to the parties/clubs because you are afraid that someone might step on them.

2. The first thing you notice on everyone is their shoes.

3. One to rock & One to stock. (simply put)

4. Your desktop background is an Air Jordan/or other favorite type of shoe.

5. The first thing you do when you get a new pair of shoes is hold them to your face and inhale. (New Car Shoe smell)

6. You inspect and clean your shoes after wear before they go back in the box. (mandatory)

7. You can easily identify a fake shoe. (If you are not sure, you might be rocking fakes)

8. You know all the release dates for Jordans and have already developed plans A,B, and C in order to cop them.

9. Your room may be unkept but your sneaker boxes are well organized and stacked neatly in one section of the room.

10. You keep a sneaker cleaning kit handy. ( For those emergency on the spot incidents that may cause long lasting effects)

Now, how well do you rate yourself as a true SneakerHead according to this top ten list of ways to identify if you are indeed a SneakerHead?
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all of those apply except for #3 simply because im in college and only make enough to cop at least 1 pair, plus ebay is my new friend

true about #1 but also weather, if rain in the forecast no way in hell do i wear nubuck or suede

#2 so true especially in college, people here love their 3's especially the blk cement but its more interesting to see the women wearing j's
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