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I'm over it.

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catch a speeding bullet and stop a plane mid flight,
pop up like a chat screen and turn night to day light,
there was nothing i wouldn't have done to put shit right,
but its over now and thats alright....

the past the presence the future didn't mean shit without you beside me,
like a backup torch you were the only thing i had left to guide me,
for days my heart felt broken it was smashed like glass pieces,
then i turned angry and stayed awake just so i could hate you all evening,
now i'm over that joy replaced grieving and i'm accepting that you see him,
and all our memories are nothing but exhibits left in a museum,
objects behind glass i cant touch or even begin to feel them,
but i guess being numb is better than being overcome by feelings,
its all part of the process of healing...

what we had was special i dont regret the best days,
what we achieved and the things we made were great,
so lets focus on the positive and just move along,
in other words forget fighting now and lets move on..
i wish you well so long...

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