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Can't Do This Anymore.

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A song about domestic abuse.

my whole life is a big puzzle i'm known as the human jigsaw,
i'm still trapped in this tunnel what is the reason i'm sick for,
hounded by the same troubles as i struggle up hill on this rickshaw,
for six years plus another six more i've been sliced open with wounds raw,
try to speak with this wired jaw holding more secrets than mums bottom draw,
i don't think i can do this shit anymore.


you cause my complexion as you will me to kill me
i pause for a second say i'm sorry you just utter that i will be,
tear ducts run shallow as i lie in your shadow you call me filthy,
a waste of space why do i occupy your life and this building,
if you told me once you've told me twice and i should learn by now,
how many times do you have to say this is my house so get out,
pick up your baggage and leave..till you decide to call me next week.

by this point i've had it with the rage and confusion,
i thought you loved me but that was an illusion,
a mere trick of the brain to you i'm just a nuisance,
and i'm afraid to even move when your snoozing,
thats another fist fight or a bruise on the chair,
forget it baby we'll tell them you fell down the stairs,
you're so clumsy ain't you now move over here,
don't make me come and get you woman didn't you hear,

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