KXNG Crooked - Good vs Evil [WEBRIP]

KXNG Crooked - Good vs Evil

01. A Just Message (Intro) (with Just Blaze)
02. Welcome To Planet X (We're Coming For You) (with Eminem & the Observer)
03. Dem People (with Xzibit & SAS)
04. Robocop Went Pop
05. Rebel Party (with the Observer)
06. I Want To Kill You (with Ashtray & The Observer)
07. CrazyPsychoLoco
08. Intergalactic Hustling (with Boroc)
09. Revolutionary Funk (with P Funk Pavarotti)
10. Shoot Back (Dear Officer) (with Tech N9ne)
11. Obey (KXNG'S Speech)
12. The Oath
13. KXNG Tut
14. Puppet Master (with RZA, KinG! & The Observer)