Lord Hakim - Born With a Determined Ide

Lord Hakim - Born With a Determined Idea

01. Who Are the Five Percent? (feat. Lord Jamar)
02. Knowledge of Self (feat. Dom Pachino)
03. Brass Knucklez (feat. Phizz Ed & Vast Aire)
04. Just (I Cee Equality) [Skit]
05. The Power Degree (Interlude) [feat. Lord Jamar]
06. Scripturez (feat. Planet Asia)
07. Speak My Mind
08. I Luv U 2 Death
09. Poison Flower
10. Problemz (feat. Kev-O, Ray Swoope & Doc Giggz)
11. Aunt Mildred
12. The Education of Master Shahid (Skit)
13. Father to Sun
14. Franklin County Representative 6-1-4 (Skit)
15. Body Armor (feat. Bronze Nazareth)
16. Jewelz (Interlude) [feat. Lord Jamar]
17. Peace God (feat. Lord Jamar)
18. The Beginning of the End (Zig, Zag, Zig)

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