DMX - Redemption Of The Beast (Deluxe Edition)

DMX - Redemption Of The Beast

01. Spit That Shit
02. Built Like A Bitch
03. On And On
04. Get Up And Try Again
05. Solid (Feat. Rampage)
06. I'm Gonna Win
07. It's A Problem
08. How's It Goin' Down
09. Shout It
10. One More Night
11. 56 Bars (Swizz Beatz)
12. Where You Been (Feat. Freeway)
13. Right Or Wrong (Feat. Jannyce)
14. Gonna Get Mine (Grease)
15. We Gonna Make It
16. Love That Bitch (Feat. Jannyce)

01. Lookin Without Seein (Intro) (Elite)
02. What They Don't Know (Swizz Beatz)
03. Cold World (Grease/Snaz)
04. I Don't Dance (J.R. Rotem)
05. Sucka For Love (Deezle)
06. I Get Scared (Grease)
07. Slippin' Again (Bird)
08. Prayer (X)
09. I'm Back (Bird)
10. Have You Eva (Grease)
11. Get Your Money Up (Snaggs)
12. Head Up (Tronzilla)
13. Frankenstein (Caviar)
14. Ya'll Don't Really Know (Swizz Beatz)
15. I Got Your Back (Caviar)
16. No Love (Grease/Snaz)
17. Already (Divine Bars)
18. Fire (Grease) (Bonus Track)
19. [email protected]# U Bitch (Elite) (Bonus Track)
20. Love That Bitch (Divine Bars) (Bonus Track)

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